“In an enterprise, especially flammable, combustible or explosive substances at their work from time to time came the fires, extinguished the growth of a portion of them, is a part of the results in a very short time, we all know that major catastrophes. Everyday we received news of the death of a fire and not become attached to it. If you look at the daily news every day, dozens of deaths, injuries and fires that can lead to financial losses. However, among these fires was the news do not attract much attention. That is why the knowledge of key issues of the fire is of great importance.

Do not forget, because the fire is completely extinguished and control his horse while it is only the start. Otherwise, the road to disaster is inevitable that in a short time. Fire all employees must receive their training in an enterprise. Because fire does not ensure not only that you will be on your side or in your area. Fire may start anywhere. Executive room, Meeting Room, the Secretariat, the waiting room, the corridors dormant and hidden places that not even to the employees and so on. may start anywhere.”

“Fire Risk Analysis and Fire Do not overlook the importance of Risk Management. Fire Risk Analysis, a method and system within a specific probable / possible damage from a fire before it starts and pre-assessment of the fire risks. Fire Risk Analysis aim primarily to identify fire hazards and resources, identify the people at risk, assessing these risks, reduce, eliminate, and protect against the risks, Record Keeping, plan and ensuring the provision of staff training in fire, if you start a fire in your building, management of fire prevention and fire the measures to be taken against fire is to decide.”

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